Hisham G. Abusaada

12973291_541142302731633_7223711718743146396_oHisham G. Abusaada is an Egyptian architect, educator, theoretician, critic and academic scholar. He concerns himself with the socio-cultural aspects and special problems of urban community and development projects. Abusaada is known for his many books on architecture and urban design including Efficiency and Urban Form Generation: Approach to Site Planning and Design (1992), Post Occupancy Evaluation (translated book, 2004), Topics in Landscape Architecture Profession (Arabic 2007), The Art of the City, Refutation of Intellectual Discourse towards knowledge, Enlightenment (in Arabic and English, 2015), The Unknown Cities, From Loss of Hope to well-being (2016), What is Urban Design? Teaching and Learning (English (2015) and Arabic, (2016)), and Back to the Order: The Chaos in the Cities of Hardship (2017), Architecture Evermore (2017), and Language of Urban Design (Arabic, 2017). Abusaada attended Al Azhar University, Egypt. He obtained a Bachelor’s and a Master’s degree in Architecture (1980, and 1987). His doctorate is in the urban design discipline attained from Cairo University (1992). He is currently an emeritus professor at the Housing and Building National Research Center (HBRC), Cairo, Egypt. He was a faculty member in the Urban Design program in the Department of Landscape Architecture at King Faisal University (now Dammam University), Saudi Arabia (1995 to 2004). He also works in some Egyptian Universities and other higher institutions in Egypt.